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“Agent Orange” Still an Issue in Vietnam

In the late 1960s, the Americans launched a chemical toxin also known as Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Unfortunately, this caused a lot of mothers’ babies to come out deformed. Words can’t describe how sad the parents of those kids are. In fact, up until this day, you’ll still see deformed Vietnamese babies.

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Not only were the Vietnamese victims of this terrible act but Americans were too. If only they knew what they were getting themselves into, this wouldn’t have been a problem. It’s hard to imagine justice will be served to those whose children have deformed faces. The key component of Agent Orange is dioxin. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a very harmful discount chemical that ruins a life. It will make people not want to live anymore. Unfortunately, when people find out they’re deformed since birth, there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s not something that can be cured immediately.

Photographs don’t do justice to how hard these victims have been suffering in Vietnam.

It’s a shame how the effects are still felt up until now. In fact, it will probably be a long time before this problem is resolved. It’s chemical weaponry that was named due to its color. Nobody knew the long-term effects it would bring up until today. Yes, you have to see it to believe it. Good thing, the parents of deformed children won’t give up their kids for adoption.

They’ll still do everything in their power to take care of their children. Besides, it’s still their blood so they want nothing more than what’s best for their future. Some of the people in Saigon look so terrible that you’d want nothing to do with it. You’ll feel thankful it’s not your kid. Of course, the same can’t be said for the person’s parents. They are going to think twice about bringing their kids to public source places. They may even assume other kids would not want to play with their kids. It’s not right at all but you can’t really blame them for thinking that.

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What’s worse is that their classmates may make fun of them at school and they have no way to defend themselves. Of course, they can make up for it when the exam arrives. However, it will get old after some time. Some students are not that mean to make fun of a person’s physical appearance though. Unfortunately, Agent Orange affected some people’s way of thinking. That means while some may not be affected physically, they will probably be affected mentally.

Some parents can only hope for the best that their kids won’t come out of their mother’s womb appearing physically deformed. Unfortunately, this debacle via¬† won’t end until all the people who were around at the time of the bombing are dead. It will be a long time before that happens unless the government wants to do something about that. Since the physically impaired individuals haven’t done anything wrong, it’s doubtful they can do anything about it.